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What is a Blog Website? 2 Elements of a Successful WordPress Blog

What is a blog website and how does one create a powerful blog?

While blogs have been around for more than a decade, many people who are looking to foray into blogging beg the question What is a blog website?”

Even more so in the early days when almost everyone who has encountered a blog wondered “What is a blog website?”. Back then it was called a weblog, an online journal which can be easily updated and published online. By early 2000’s, weblog become popularly known as blog, and the mainstream internet users and media companies caught on and started using blog for a wide range of applications.

What is a blog website and how useful is a blog? How are blogs used these days?

These days, as blogging has become mainstream, less and less people are wondering What is a blog website? Today, blogging is a verb that is more commonly used to mean to discuss something online with an audience. And as many individuals, organizations and media companies woke up to the potential of blogging, it now has a wide range of application including:

  • E-commerce
  • Entertainment
  • News
  • Community-building

There are lots of other practical applications for a blog such as for political campaigns, education and a whole lot more, and the question “What is a blog website” is now confined within a small group of individuals, usually among those who are uninitiated.

Because blogging has now become mainstream, the need for a powerful platform to cater to the evolving needs of bloggers has risen. And today, one of the best platforms that address this need is WordPress, a highly adaptable and powerful web platform used for a wide variety of applications by more webmasters and businesses.

What is a blog website built around WordPress that is successful? – The key aspects

1. What is a blog website in terms of content? The highly engaging blog content

What is a blog website in terms of engaging readers? An effective WordPress blog is all about expressing thoughts that engage an audience. And the key to engaging readers is to create content that has all the following elements:

  • A magnetic post title
  • Relevant and informative content
  • Properly optimized for the right keywords
  • Regular updates

It’s important to carefully plan the title because readers usually judge any content by the things that post titles say. A magnetic post title is one that effectively catches the readers’ interest and pulls them into the rest of the content.

The key aspects of a magnetic post title include urgency, uniqueness, specificity and relevance.

One good example of a blog post title that has these key aspects is shown below:

Revealed: 3 Ways to Make You Lose 10 Pounds in 12 Weeks Starting Today

The main content should be extremely relevant to the title of the page and sufficiently provide the information relating to the promise made on the title.

On answering the question “What is a blog website?”, it’s a web platform allows it to get indexed on the search engines more effectively. It should have a content that is highly optimized for the keywords that your content is targeting.

And to keep the audience engaged, it’s highly recommended to post new content on a regular basis. This also ensures that the search engine spiders have more reasons to frequently visit your blog to give better rankings.

What is a blog website in terms of design and navigation?

2. What is a blog website in terms of functionality? The simple navigation

What is a blog website in terms of functionality and simplicity? A blog that is highly engaging is very simple to use and very easy to navigate. The blog should be laid out in such a way that readers can easily find the information that they need. It should be easy for readers to get to the About Us page and other pages such as Contact and Archives.

It’s also crucial that the blog uses very easy to read fonts and a theme that is easy to the eyes.

So what is a blog website? In a nutshell, it is a site that allows you to engage more effectively with readers with highly engaging content and easy to use and navigate web pages.

If you’re still wondering “What is a blog website?”, keep an eye out on our Worpress tutorials and tips for creating powerful WordPress sites.